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A house with solar panels is nothing new these days. Every year thousands of people buy solar panels to save energy and to contribute to a better environment. Most people aren't home during energy peak hours. The surplus of daytime energy returns to our supplier. While we still need to pursue energy in off peak hours. This results in an increase development of complications for the electricity network. Mass returns of energy in peak hours will cause the cables to overload. Similar problems occur in off peak hours when we consume the most energy . Energy 4 Energy introduces Flywheel. A flywheel that stores the green energy you generate during the day in a sustainable way so you can uses it when you need it. From a central energy station to an in series connected tile floor. This enables us to profit from the energy we generated ourselves any time of day. Energy 4 Energy a visible storage station at home.


Do you want to help us realize this product? Click on this link and fill out the form. We highly appreciate your help!

Mid November we are organizing a come together. A meeting with concept explanation, future plans and opportunities for discussion. Do you want to help us and participate, fill out the form and receive more information by e-mail. Hope to see you in November !

We are also still looking for technical specialist. Are you one or do you know anyone who has a lot of knowledge of flywheels or magnets and is eager to help us, please contact us!


E4E consist of three young enthusiastic entrepreneurs. All with different educational backgrounds, but who all work problem solving and dare to dream big. They research how the individual consumer can optimize their use of self-generated solar energy to enable them to be self sufficient. Not only aiming to offer a functional product but also one worth seeing.

Vivian Hartung Max Middelman Aoife Wullur
Vivian Hartung Co Founder E4E
Research Artist
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Max Middelman Co Founder E4E
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Aoife Wullur Co Founder E4E
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